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Digging up the archive of my creations, I found this picture of my very first log cake. It brought so much important memory to me, but most of all, it marks my first month moving to Bangkok, which was in December 2010. I’ll save the story of why I moved to Bangkok for later.

When we talk about log cake, all that comes to mind is Christmas, right? I looooove Christmas, that’s probably the most important day of the year that I must celebrate with my loved one (apart from my birthday heehee). I was never raised in the culture that believes in Santa Claus but I do believe Santa Claus is the ‘father’ of Christmas celebration around the world (and ‘Jesus’ for the Christians).

I’m certainly looking forward to Christmas again this year. Last year was quite a peaceful and joyful one for me. Couple of friends from Singapore did come to visit and we went out town to Khao Yai. I also decorated my very first Christmas tree with my beloved Canon, the Golden Retriever. He inspected through every bauble just to make sure I didn’t hide anything from him. So cute.

Alrighty, this may be too soon for Christmas but whatever. I’m totally in the Christmas mood now because of this picture. (P.S. Come to think of it it’s only 2 months away! Whee!). Recipe will follow! I need to dig for that.