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(It’s the long-awaited birthday gift I promised my housemate J since end of July. 😛 I’m sorry J that it took me so long to fulfill this.).

So, amidst the flooding news here and there, I stayed home happily baking this away… I love the result as always and I used my killer recipe of course. Just one note though, before you start making this, spare minimum 3 hours to do this because there are a lot of preparations needed to be done before you could pop it into the oven (this is why, J!). See the recipe carefully and you’ll know what I mean.

For topping I went with classic strawberry and whipped cream. 🙂 I believe in making classic recipe to become great rather than exploring with god-knows-what flavour. My tips for whipped cream: whip it just until it reaches soft peak, don’t add cream of tartar but go for lemon juice and with only a bit of icing sugar. Et voila!