Pardon for the lack of food porn. Due to some unforeseen situation, I had to fly to Singapore last Thursday. But call it a blessing in disguise, I got to meet up with almost all my dear friends whom I hadn’t seen in almost a year. 🙂

Singapore and I… it’s a love-hate relationship. I paid a visit to the restaurant I worked at on the first day i arrived. I missed my girls a lottttt. And for the first time I had all the pleasure in strolling down Orchard under the wet sky and enjoyed every bit of the moment to myself. When I still lived there, I felt that Orchard was nothing but just a crowd pleaser that i wanted to avoid, but after a year, I’ve seen it from a total different light. It’s actually a very beautiful place with all those vibrant lights and Christmas music they’ve started to play…

Singapore has definitely been a huge part of my life – where I’d grown up and made lots of fantastic friends. It’s great catching up with all those peeps over short meals. I literally had to rush here and there and arranged all appointments in one day because i also had my own errands to do there. Sorry for other friends whom I hadn’t got time to contact, mostly is because I knew you’re coming, or you’ve just been here. 😛

I’m definitely going back again some time… for holiday. 🙂