I’ve always dreamt of waking up to a full set of English breakfast on the table. Ambitious much? 😛 As if having pancake isn’t luxury enough, this is what I had for this morning: pancake with poached eggs, pork pastrami, sausage and hollandaise sauce.

le pastrami.

I have a thing with any kind of cured meat and I would kill just to get a piece of those grilled meats.

poached egg with hollandaise sauce

I admit that’s not my best shot of poached egg. I shall blame the photographer for being too hungry that he took the picture of the wrong poached egg… Hollandaise sauce? I do love hollandaise sauce!

et voila!

Looks messy alright… but this is what you get when you wake up too hungry and pancake and ham is all you can think of. Or you could pay like 10 bucks to get your perfect English breakfast prepared.

Jees, I need to stop thinking about the English breakfast…