It’s not a secret anymore, I officially have an affair with dough and batter. I’m Mary, in my mid 20s right now, and have been staying in Bangkok, Thailand for the past year.

The love for pastries just came like a thief at night. I bought my very first home oven 3 years ago and I’ve been baking nonstop since. I gave up my professional career to be a junior pastry chef in Singapore and now am slowly weaving up the dream to have my own magical pastry lab somewhere in this world. I want to feed people to be happy.

I love food, I love science. So marrying baking soda and melted chocolate to make a chocolate cake? Sounds like fun to me! Without further ado, please cruise with me in this journey inside my lab, will ya? I promise I’ll feed you with delicious pictures and the real deal of course if you’re in Bangkok too!

If you’d like to try out any of my creations, just drop me an email. Or if you’d like to order something from me for your special occasions, I’ll be most happy to feed your guests happy. Here’s my email: maryspastrylab @ gmail.com . Bonne journée! 🙂


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